The help Of A Mckenzie Friend Shropshire

Mckenzie Friend There are various cases in which people are unable to use mediation for resolution in the family. In these cases there is a need to approach the family court to resolve the disputes. In that process you might need to hire a solicitor which can be a costly option for you and also this option is helpful to you only in some extraordinary cases. You might also think of filing a litigation on your own which can prove to be here cumbersome process.

The term McKenzie friend

A person who goes with you to the court in the process of litigation helping you as an assistant is the McKenzie friend you have. These are people who are not represented by a lawyer or do not consult a barrister. The one who gives you suggestions and sitting besides you in the court to take important notes and have an experience in these situations is the one who will help you through the process. You need a moral support while you’re in the court so that the process is made easy for you and this is the task of your McKenzie friend.

A person who has a family law case in the UK Court can be represented and can hire a solicitor in that case. Such a person is called litigant in person. The litigant in person has the right to go to the court in order to help his client and this is referred to as your Mackenzie friend. The term has been developed in 1970. There are very few cases in which the litigant in person has been denied the help of a Mackenzie friend.

People who are representing themselves in the family court are unable to get any Legal Aid in order to pay the fees. There is a higher attorney fee of the family court and the number of people representing themselves is increasing. People think that representing themselves is difficult but contradicting today perception it is not as difficult as they think. When you hire a McKenzie friend, it is easier for you to get Advises and you have a moral support.

How can you take help from a McKenzie friend?

There are various aspects in which a McKenzie friend can help you in the court as well as outside the court. The following are the areas in which he can help you and this can prove to be very beneficial for the person who is representing himself.

  • Provide you with the moral support you need in such sensitive cases.
  • The McKenzie friend with you will help you to write down various notes that can help you in the future.
  • There are various documents that are needed in order to proceed in the court and them can be friend will help you to collect some of those papers.
  • There are various other areas in which the Mackenzie friend Shropshire will help you with your suggestions and these are-
  1. Proceedings of the court that are followed.
  2. The points that are helpful to the litigant in the court.
  3. Things that are helpful to the litigant from the witnesses.
The extent to which a McKenzie friend can help you Shropshire

Hence there are many areas in which the McKenzie friend can help you but it can only be done to a certain extent. There are some areas in which Mackenzie front cannot help you. AMackenzie friend can not signed documents on your behalf outside the court or in the court.

The Mackenzie friend is not allowed to speak in the court or he cannot cross examine the witnesses in any case. The right of audience can be given to the Mackenzie friend by the judge in so many unique cases. In those the McKenzie friend can speak as a litigant for him.

How will a McKenzie friend get permission?

A McKenzie friend can easily get permission in the court unless and until he is been reputed as a distracting object for the proceeding of the court. In such cases, the McKenzie friend will not be allowed to act as the person whom he is meant to be and is seen as a hindrance to the justice system.